Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S) About METRC

What are RFID Tags?

METRC utilizes RFID tags, which allow regulators to scan a particular plant or product and determine its origin.  Depending on your state, RFID tag requirements may vary.  In most states, you’ll be required to utilize RFID tags on each plant as well as each final, packaged product.  Tags generally cost between 25 and 45 cents and are required by METRC state’s on a cannabis business’s entire inventory.

What do Cannabis Businesses need to do with METRC?

As a licensed cannabis business, you’ll be required to tag every plant and packaged product with an RFID tag as well as input all of your inventory data into the state’s METRC system for regulatory oversight and compliance purposes.  Operators and licensees will be required to report on plant counts, plant waste/byproducts, inventory transfers, product conversions, overall inventory, sales and more.

Will I have to manually enter this info into METRC?

Yes.  Unless you utilize a fully integrated 3rd party software provider, you’ll be required to manually enter all of your data into the state’s METRC system.

What 3rd party software providers are integrated with METRC?

A lot of companies will claim to be integrated with METRC.  Very few have successfully launched full integrations and even fewer have done so in the cultivation and processing stages.  If you’re shopping 3rd party software solutions, it’s suggested that you request a reference in your state.

I want to operate in multiple states.  Is there a single 3rd party software provider that will work in all states?

There are a handful of 3rd party software providers who are fully integrated with all 3 of METRC’s operating markets; Alaska, Colorado, and Oregon.  Click on your state’s page to see a full list of validated integrators.  Michigan and Maryland are yet to launch and the company has not officially announced the California contract, however, several sources have already revealed them as the winner.